The Pescadero Municipal Advisory Council advises the San Mateo County board of supervisors on issues affecting the Pescadero area. Bicycle rides have a significant impact on the small rural Pescadero community. The PMAC does not approve rides but works closely with ride organizers to ensure safe and enjoyable ride for participants and  Pescadero area residents. If you plan a bicycle event in the Pescadero Loma Mar area please use the form below to contact the PMAC. 

Click on the images below to see ride information provided to the PMAC.

Contact Information  
   PMAC                                        Email The PMAC
   San Mateo County Sharif
   California Highway Patrol


Please answer the below questions and send your information to    Email The PMAC

Q: is this a race or a ride? how many participants do you anticipate coming through the Pescadero area?


Q: what day and time will the race/ride pass through town? Is there a hard stop/end of the ride?


Q: what route are you taking? – a map is most helpful, we strongly discourage riding through Stage Road between Pescadero Creek Road and North Street.


Q: will there be a staging area, where and what facilities will be there? Will there be enough bathrooms to support all of the participants?


Q: how many cars do you anticipate and if more than a few, where will they park (ideally not in town)?


Q: will there be any traffic or route safety support in or around town to help guide riders and drivers?


Q: will there be signs or road markers? Will you gather or remove those after the event is complete?


Q: will you be supporting our requested minimum of $1 per rider for our 501C3 public restroom fund?